What You Need To Know About Whale Tail Locks?

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For an extra layer of protection, Whale Tail Drop T Locks, so called because of the form of the handle, may be locked with a key or secured with a padlock. This lock is preferred over a regular Drop T Lock mostly because it has a unique form and provides an additional layer of protection. A well-liked alternative for camper trailers, caravans, utility vehicles, huge toolboxes, canopies for four-wheel drive cars, and undertray drawers. Your car will have a more professional aspect as a result of these locks’ streamlined appearance and the enhanced protection they provide.


  • Key Lockable
  • Extra Padlockable
  • Holes for Mounting
  • When properly fitted, sits proudly
  • The Quality of Trade
  • Water-Resistant
  • Dish Made of Stainless Steel
  • Use With Rods Is Optional and Allows for Three-Way Locking

When work demands more security or a style that is distinct from your basic stainless Drop T Lock, this lock is a popular choice to use. It is extremely durable and impervious to the elements, in addition to being user-friendly and straightforward to install. Furthermore, it can be outfitted with rods to provide additional security for three-way locking on wide doors and combined with a padlock to provide an additional layer of protection. This handle is sealed, so there are no visible screws on the outside. This gives your car a more streamlined appearance.

This handle may be locked with a key, and while it is in the closed position, the key cylinder is entirely covered and hidden by the folded-down Whale Tail lockhandle. This is a very convenient feature of this handle. This prevents debris such as dust and dirt from entering the locking mechanism and helps to conceal it from potential thieves.

Our Whale Tail locks are extremely robust and heavy-duty Locks that can withstand the pressures that are placed on them when traveling.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Install Your Whale Tail Lock

The Whale Tail Drop T Lock is a simple installation process, to begin, if you have not previously cut a hole in your material. The next step is to remove the component of the lock that serves as the handle, and then reinstall the lock in the front of the door or drawer. After the screws have been inserted and tightened, the backing plate may be attached to the back of the door or drawer. Remove the nuts from the back studs, place the rods over these locations, and then reconnect the nuts to finish installing the rods. This step is only necessary if you are also utilizing rods. If you want to make sure that the lock has a good weather seal, you might need to use an Allen key to adjust the rolling cam on the lock.

In addition, Whale Tail Locks with Electronic Actuators are available. These locks allow you to link the central locking system of your car to your Whale Tail lock, providing you with the highest level of convenience and professionalism.

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