What Is A Gunsmith, And What Do They Do?

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Many people love to work with firearms. If you have ever thought of making that hobby your career, you might be wondering what exactly a gunsmith looks like and more importantly, what a pistol smith does.

What Does It Mean To Be A Gunsmith?

If you’re considering becoming a gunsmith, you need to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. A gunsmith is a person who repairs, designs, and builds firearms.

Gunsmiths are skilled in the construction of gun parts and how they fit together. They also know how to keep them safe after they have been reassembled, repaired, or modified.

Working with firearms can be dangerous. It is therefore important to learn the inner workings of guns before embarking on a career in gunsmithing.

Gunsmiths are also familiar with many types of firearms so that they can resolve any problems that might arise.

What Is A Gunsmith?

A gunsmith’s day-to-day duties can vary, just like other jobs. However, gunsmiths can expect to use specialized tools in the repair of firearms or when assembling new firearms.

Gunsmiths have many responsibilities. You can repair malfunctioning firearms, assemble new firearms or customize firearms to meet your client’s requirements.

But, the most important thing a gunsmith does for their firearms is to be responsible and safe.

Repairing Malfunctioning Firearms

Gunsmiths are often gun owners’ first call when their firearm starts to malfunction. Gunsmiths must be very careful as malfunctioning firearms can cause serious damage.

Gunsmiths are responsible, as part of the repair process, for cleaning and inspecting weapons for missing or worn parts, cracks, breaks, or other malfunctions.

Assembling Firearms

Asking what a gunsmith is, the simple answer is “Who assembles firearms?” The simple answer is that a gunsmith is someone who builds firearms. Gunsmiths are professionals who have the technical knowledge to ensure that firearms are correctly assembled.

This is where the licensing courses can be very helpful. A gunsmith must be accurate when building a firearm.

Customizing Firearms

Gunsmiths may be able to customize firearms with aftermarket modifications. This includes adding scopes or grips.

You can also complete other special requests

Many gunsmiths receive specialized training to offer such services as:

  • Engraving,
  • Stock making
  • Finishing wood

These parts are not part of a gunsmith’s work but are highly sought-after by paying customers.

Additional Gunsmith Duties

It is a serious job to work with firearms. A gunsmith has the skills and knowledge to safely handle any firearms that are brought into their shop.

Many gunsmiths work as gunsmiths in a gun shop, or at a gun range that they own or manage. A gunsmith might also be required to help customers with malfunctioning firearms.

What Are The Career And Educational Paths To Gunsmithing?

Gunsmithing requires some technical knowledge. As such, it is recommended that gunsmiths consider enrolling in a trade school or community college program at American Gunsmithing Institute.

These programs are usually two-year long and train students to be gunsmiths. Students typically earn an associate or certificate after the program.

Rising gunsmiths may choose to enter a professional organization’s training program. This will allow you to start working with firearms faster than an educational program.

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